API Reference

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Please note, we do not provide technical support or walk-throughs when calling our API endpoints. There are however several excellent resources below that should have you up and running in a very short time.

Once your order is submitted and accepted we will provide you with the API end points as well as a unique token for use with your account.

Import JSON data into Google Spreadsheets.

Convert JSON to CSV.

Import XML into Excel.

Call API to populate Excel.

Using Advanced REST Client in Chrome.

Through Chrome’s App Store, search for and install Advanced Rest Client and follow the steps below.

  1. Enter the API endpoint that we provide to you. In this example we’re using /api/v1/naics/813990.json
  2. Choose the “GET” method
  3. Select “authorization” for HTTP Headers.
  4. Enter “Token token={TOKEN YOU WILL BE PROVIDED}“. In this example we’re using EXAMPLETOKEN.
  5. Click the “SEND” button.






Provided you have followed the above steps correctly and have an active account, you will get a JSON response.


Returns NAICS as of 2012. Base data is from http://data.gov


Returns all NAICS, approximately 19,000 total.


Returns all NAICS associated with the {naic12} passed to the API.